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Golden Planners Korea

We have a long history in the market, a lot of experience and a lot of partners who trust us. Moreover, our greatest competitive advantage is our deep insight into deals, which allows us to dig deeper into a project, faster, and with a higher probability of success than our competitors. We have contributed to the successful landing of global companies from various industries in Korea under optimal terms and have also provided many services to expand their business in Korea. Going forward, we are confident that we will continue to provide professional and customized service as we have been doing, going above and beyond what our clients ask for, even for challenging projects that may be difficult in the market. Please continue to trust us and support us. We will be your most reliable partner.

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We may be a smaller player in the market than the big global players, but we have the capabilities and deep expertise to outperform any competitors when it comes to executing a single project or deal. The know-how we have gained over our 20+ years of experience, our many partners and clients will continue to be with us for decades to come in a mutually beneficial relationship. And our keen insights and power of analysis will help us provide the best solutions in the face of ever-changing financial conditions and financial crises.


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"We may be a small player compared to our bigger global rivals, but starting from the same starting line gives us the strength to dig deeper and faster than any competitors. Our track record over more than 20 years of history, our clients and our partners are proof of that. Even in the face of ever-changing financial markets and property assets in good times and bad, Golden Planners Korea’s agile ability to respond with crises will ensure that we provide the best solutions to our clients in times of crisis and will share in the glory of success."

Erin, Jiae Kim, CEO of Golden Planners Korea